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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Bizarre Stories

My mother-in-law seduced me to impregnate her * He always invited me to watch pornographic films - Mother-in-law
 By Idowu Adelusi

If Mr Tiamiyu Ibrahim, a 45-year-old mechanic, had been part of the Nigerian contigent to the just concluded London 2012 Olympics, he, probably, would have won a medal for Nigeria. The only snag is that his field of specialisation, 'bedminton' was not part of the sporting activities listed for the tournament. IDOWU ADELUSI, in this piece, reports the story of a man who put his mother-in-law in a family way.
MRS Aminat Ibrahim's story appears fictitious, but it is not. The claim of the 40-year-old trader that her husband is the father of a four-month-old baby girl born by her mother leaves one wondering whether Aminat knows the weight of her claim or not.
Mrs Ibrahim said she was ashamed and rattled by the development, adding that her unrepentant mother had threatened to curse her for exposing her misdeed.
Narrating how love affair developed between her mother and the husband, Mrs Ibrahim said her mother, who lived in a village at Apomu Area of Osun State, had been visiting them regularly at Oje Area of Ibadan where they (couple) lived.
She continued, "being my mother, I had no cause to worry, moreso, when she told me that she was assisting me spiritually to become pregnant.
"I wedded my husband five years ago without issue. Sometime in February last year, my mother came to visit us and said she would stay with us for a while.
"I objected since I was not nursing a baby, but she insisted and said was worried about our childlessness and wanted to help us get over it. When I told my husband he was glad about my mother's concern.
"Being a trader, I always leave home most times at 6.00 a.m for neighbouring towns and villages to buy yam tubers or vegetables and then bring them to the market to sell. I always leave the market at 7 p.m.
"My husband is a mechanic. He has his workshop at a place not far from our house. This enabled him to always come home in the afternoon for lunch often prepared by my mother.
"After a while, my husband would tell me jokingly that my mother's soup was delicious than the soup I prepared.
"I did not suspect that anything was going on between them. After all, I trusted my husband, besides the woman in question is my mum and not a friend.
"In December last year, I noticed that my mother's belly was protruding.When I demanded to know if she was pregnant, she said yes. She told me further that her man-friend in the village impregnated her, adding that she used to go to the village when everybody in the house had gone out. Our father died long ago.
"I advised her to look for accommodation elsewhere but she refused. After exerting much pressure on her to leave our house, she confessed that my husband impregnated her.
"I was dazed and almost passed out. She told me that my husband ignited the love affairs.
According to the mother, whenever she (the mother) was in the bathroom, the husband would jump in to see her nakedness, pretending to be unaware that she was in the bathroom.
Explaining further, the mother said, "each time he came home for lunch, he would play pornographic films, inviting me to join him in the sitting room to watch it.
Mrs Ibrahim added, "According to my mum, while the film was going on, my husband would come to where she was sitting and grabbed her. Even after she had freed herself from him and run to stay in the kitchen, my husband would still go to meet her and that was how he started having sex with her.
"My mother told me that she agreed to his demand since it was just to satisfy him and protect my marriage. Moreso, she never thought she could get pregnant again at 57 years.
"My mother explained further that my husband stopped going to work on Saturdays in order to stay with her at home. She told me that four attempts were made to terminate the foetus because she was ashamed but each attempt was unsucceesful.
The woman told Sunday Tribune that when she confronted her husband on the issue, the husband told her to take it easy because she was still childless.
Her word: "My husband told me that it was my mother who seduced him by always staying naked in the room knowing that he could come into the room anytime since they are living in a room and palour apartment.
"He told me not to bother him much on the matter since I don't have any child for him."
When asked if the "new couple" were still staying together, she said no, explaining that they had disappeared from the house and did not know where they were.
However, this reporter and a staff of Succour traced Mr Tiamiyu Ibrahim to a village in Ikire.
He blamed everything on satan, saying that he never believed his mother-in-law could become pregnant for him.
His words, "Iya yen lo fa mi mora, to ni ki nma ba a oun tage. Emi ko mo pe o lee j'asi oyun, mo ro wipe iya ti koja eni to tun le ni oyun ni."
(It was my mother-in-law who seduced me, I never knew she could become pregnant again, but thought she had reached her menopause.)
The wife said she was disappointed by her husband's behaviour, saying, "if he had told me he needed a second wife, I would not refuse him. Why should he be having love affairs with my own mother?" she asked.
Sunday Tribune gathered that the mother-in-law, who later gave birth to a baby girl, brought the baby to Ibadan a month ago.
She was said to have been reviled by neighbours for bringing shame on her daughter and destroying her home.
The mother-in-law could not be reached as everybody contacted said her whereabouts were unknown.

 Nigerian Tribune

Incest: "Yes, I slept with my daughter but didn't impregnate her"

DESCRIBE it with whatever adjective; incest, abomination, absurdity etc, one thing is clear: for a father to conceive in whatever guise, strip her daughter naked and sleep with her, the same daughter who is a product of his semen is nothing short of insanity. 

In fact, this man (points at him) is a goat. I think if there is anywhere worse than hell, not the Nigerian prisons, that is where this man deserves to go." remarked an unnamed angry woman police Sergeant.
Staring into space as if lost in thought while betraying emotions, Mr. Peter Okeke a 60 year old Orlu, Imo state born security guard portrayed a vivid picture of the biblical defenceless lamb led to the slaughter; as policemen, women and even visitors to the command rained curses on him for his abominable deed which on the long run claimed the life of his eighteen year old daughter, Adaobi.
All he could do at the commencement of this interview was beg for forgiveness. "I want everybody, even government to forgive me. I know what I have done is bad, but to err is human and to forgive, divine. She was my daughter and I loved her until her death. I did not know what came over me the first day I slept with her. I think it was alcohol." he lamented.
Investigation revealed that Mr. Okeke the father of six, first had canal knowledge of her daughter when she was 13 and had been sleeping with her until late last year when the girl became pregnant. However, in between time, Adaobi was said to have picked a boy friend simply identified as Lucky and both of them were constantly seen together at Oha village, a suburb along Sapele road Benin city, the Edo state capital.
The lid was however, blown open after Adaobi announced to her lover -boy that she was heavy with a baby for him. This did not go down well with Lucky who was said to have recalled to her girl friend that they never had it bare together; not even once since they started dating.
To satisfy all righteousness however, a blood test was conducted. And the result vindicated Mr. Lucky and of course, left Adaobi with no other alternative than to confess the reality to her mother who had at the time, abandoned her matrimonial home for her Osu village for an unknown reason.
It was therefore, obvious that Mr Peter Okeke was responsible for Miss Adaobi Okeke's pregnancy! The abominable act was reported at his home town and Mr. Okeke was invited to cleans the land but refused to appear before the elders of his community.
Nine months later, Adoabi delivered a bouncing baby boy but died of jaundice shortly afterwards. Again, Mr. Okeke compounded his sin by secretly burying the baby all alone without consulting his kinsmen. Months after, Adaobi also fell ill and died. But an attempt to have her secretly buried without informing anybody, not even neighbors led to the invitation of detectives from the Homicide department of the Edo state command.
Giving an insight to how he committed the act, a sober looking Okeke said, "Look at me, do I look like a criminal? The girl in question was my daughter and I loved her until her death. I wanted her to go to school but she opted for hair -dressing. I am ashamed of what happened.
Yes, I agreed I slept with her when she was 13 and that was because their mother abandoned me . But I can swear by any thing that I was not responsible for her pregnancy. Until her death, she had a boy friend simply called Lucky, that boy is responsible for her pregnancy. When she told me that she was pregnant I asked who was responsible and she confessed to me that it was the same Lucky.
But since then, Lucky stopped seeing her. Even when she put to bed, I invited him but he refused to show up. I did the same when she died. It was like I was in a world of my own. When the matter of my affair with her was reported in my village, I could not go because I did not have enough money to travel.
slept with her when she was 13 and even that period I did not find it difficult penetrating her which means she had been doing it. On that day, I took three bottles of beer and two shots of local gin called Ogogoro. So when I came in, I just removed my clothes and started f-king her. Adaobi was one of my six children until her death. I think the police is angry because I wanted to secretly bury her not because I slept with her. All I am pleading for is forgiveness; I am sorry."
What the law says
The offence of incest has no clear cut definition in the Nigerian laws but falls under offences against morality in the Criminal Code Act Cap 77, Laws of the federation of Nigeria 1990. Section 214 of the criminal coded defines offences against morality as: (a) Any person who has canal knowledge of any person against the order of nation, or (b) has canal knowledge of animal, or (c) permits a male person to have canal knowledge of him or her against the order of nature; is guilty of a felony and is liable to imprisonment for fourteen years.
The term "against order of nature" therefore, refers to either a father having sex with his daughter, a mother have sex with her son, a sister having sex with her brother, etc etc provided this is done to the extent of incongruity to the order of nature.
In the case of Mr. Peter Okeke apart from being guilty of having sex against order of nature, may also be charged with rape, which under section 358 carries life imprisonment with or without canning; because he was the first to forcefully have canal knowledge of her daughter while at age 13.
Again, he may also be charged under section 329 of the criminal code with concealment of birth and secret disposition of the dead body as he admitted burying the dead baby secretly all alone; which made him guilty of misdemeanor and liable to two years imprisonment..
What psychologist says
A clinical psychologist with the Psychiatric hospital, Yaba Lagos, Maymunah Kadiri says causes of incest is multi-factorial. According to her, "First the mental and psychological state of the person would have to be examined to determine whether he showed any remorse for what he did.
Is he an alcoholic, is he into substance use?, did he show any sign that what he did is spiritually and culturally wrong? If he is an alcoholic, what was the degree of alcohol consumed and what was his intent? that is; having ruled out any underlining medical condition.
We shall also consider whether he suffers from personality disorder, where is his wife? And then we also consider psycho-social problem If his economic status is not good enough, he might find solace in alcohol and of course, do things against the social order. So like I said, incest could occur as a result of multi-factorial problems."

Teacher found on top of female pupil in school toilet
By Tunde Odesola, Osogbo 

A 29-year-old Mathematics and Social Studies graduate of a college of education, Mr. Seun Oyeleke, has been caught pants down with a seven-year-old female pupil in a school toilet. 

Oyeleke teaches at a private nursery and primary school on Church Street, Osogbo, Osun State.
One of the pupils' mother, Mrs. A Ajiboye, had been informed by her son, who attends Oyeleke's tutorials with her five-year-old sister, that the teacher was fond of taking the girl out of the classroom to an unknown destination. 

“I told my brother, who is a policeman, and he urged me to be patient. My brother then devised a plan with which we caught the teacher,” she said.
Ajiboye told her son that whenever the teacher took her sister out, he should run home and inform her immediately.
But on Saturday, Oyeleke took another girl to the toilet on the school premises and the boy quickly dashed home to inform her mother.
The mother rushed to the school, where he found the teacher on a seven-year-old inside the toilet.
Narrating the incident to PUNCH Metro on Tuesday, Ajiboye said, “When my children were leaving for the tutorials on Saturday morning, I told my son to rush back home whenever the teacher takes any girl to the toilet.
“At about 11:30am, my son rushed in to inform me that he had taken another girl out, I quickly rushed to the school, went to the toilet and forced the door open, I met him on top of the little child.
“I was very furious and I began to shout and wail. I called on neighbours to come and see what was happening. He was subsequently taken to Dugbe Police Station in Osogbo.”
“He took me to the bathroom in the building and removed my pant and lay on me and later asked me to wear my pant back and return to the class,” the little girl said.
At the police station, the teacher pleaded, “Please, spare me; I didn't know what came over me. The effect of what I did just dawned on me. I did not rape them. I only had sex with them. It's the devil's work.”
But the proprietress of the school, Mrs. Amoke Alao, denied insinuations by neighbours that the teacher was notorious for sleeping with minors.
Alao said Oyeleke was perceived as a religious and diligent person and nobody suspected that he could commit such a crime.
Explaining that her children also attend the school, Alao said she would not have tolerated such a crime if she knew Oyeleke was doing it.
The proprietress said she was unaware of the tutorials organised by Oyeleke, saying that only one of the two affected girls is a pupil of her school, while the other only attended Oyeleke's tutorials.
Both girls were taken to police clinic at Oke-Fia, Osogbo, where a medical officer attended to them.
The medical officer, who chose to be anonymous, said the teacher did not penetrate the vaginas of the girls, adding that his organ, however, had an impact on their pubic areas.
Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Mr. Taiwo Olugbemileke, said the case would be investigated since it had been reported to the police.

Man impregnates daughter

•When I complained, he gave me some drugs to take – daughter
•Evil forces are controlling me – father
By Chioma Igbokwe

For 24 years of her life, Zina had believed that her father abandoned her, from birth. When she could not live with the belief any longer, she persuaded her mother to take her home. The older women obliged. Such a reunion, as would be expected, is always emotional. And this one was. But it wasn’t for long. For the father, the emotional encounter turned into amorous craving.

So, the meeting, which was supposed to be a dream-come-true for the young lady, turned out to be a curse of some abominable type. Shortly after his daughter reunited with him, the father allegedly impregnated her. Zina, now 26 years old, claims to have a ten-month old son whose father is no other person than her own father (names withheld).

Zina said that her father was the first man to have carnal knowledge of her and that he usually hypnotized her anytime he wanted to make love.

She narrated her story this way: “I demanded to know my father and also to stay with him so that I could do something better with my life. I thought, when I got to his place, he would fix me into a skilled job. My mother took me to his house in Amuwo Odofin area of Lagos.
“But when I got there, it was another thing altogether. It all started with his over-monitoring nature. Anytime I went to my place of work, my father would come and check if I was there or if any man came to visit me. I thought it was just this fatherly protective measure for her daughter.
“Then, one day, he gave me some concoction at night, saying it was for malaria. But after I took it, I did not know where I was and, before I knew it, I slept off and, when I woke up, I discovered I was naked and was bleeding”.

Asked if she told anybody, Zina replied: “I did not tell anybody that first time because he threatened to send me back to my mother if I did. He continued that way until I became pregnant. Even when I was pregnant, I never knew. It started from being dizzy and when I complained, he gave me some drugs to take, which made my stomach rumble for days. When I could not bear the pain any longer, I had to contact someone who in turn contacted my mother”.

On arrival, her mother was said to have taken her to hospital where tests were carried out on her and results showed she was six months pregnant. The 39-year-old mother of the girl, Rose Nwogugu, was devastated.

Zina remained with her father in that state until she gave birth to a male child, who has a striking resemblance with his grandfather. Lack of care for both the nursing mother and her child reportedly prompted Nwogugu, mother of the incest victim, to alert the police who, in turn, arrested the father.
“What have I done to deserve all this?” Zina’s mother asked Saturday Sun rhetorically. Information showed that the single mother had suffered several misfortunes in life. First was the pregnancy that produced Zina, 26 years ago, when she was barely 13 years. She was reportedly impregnated while in form two. Then, the man responsible (Zina’s father) was a trader in Jos. The pregnancy disrupted her education, as her furious parents refused giving her out in marriage, on the grounds that she must finish her secondary education first.

Looking back with regret, Nwogugu said: “This man (pointing to the father of her child) has put me into so much trouble. Part of it is that I have not been able to marry since then. He got me impregnated when I knew nothing about life. Even at that , he never bothered to check his daughter. I reluctantly took my daughter to him so that he could at least play his fatherly role. I never knew it would turn out this way. I came to check her when I heard he was not taking care of her only daughter for me to discover that my daughter had been impregnated by her own father”.
On why he decided to sleep with his daughter in the first place, the suspect blamed it on spiritual forces beyond his control.

“If I tell you it has got more to do with spiritual forces, you may not believe me. But it is true. This spiritual thing is true. I was cursed by one of my uncles without any fault of mine. He placed a curse on me that I will never do well in life. Since then, anytime I have money at hand, it will just disappear. I have been going from pillar to post all these years, struggling to make ends meet but no way. Look at me, is it proper for a man my age to be unmarried? That is what I am saying. This thing happening to me is not ordinary.”

On why he chose his daughter instead of a female friend, he said: “I do not have a girl friend. It all started when she started telling people that I am not her father. When her mother brought her to me in 2009, I could not take care of her because I was poor. I could not feed myself, let alone another person. It is not that I never had plans for her but things were tight for me, that I had to take her to my elder sister’s place. But she later brought her back saying my daughter had some problems.

”I then got a place at Mile 2 Park where she could be working in a restaurant. While there, she kept telling people that I was not her father. Out of annoyance, I took her away from there and got her another place, yet the case was the same. At a point I begged her to stop denying me before the world but she would not stop. Then I withdrew her from there and made her stay at home with me for four months before I took her to learn fashion designing where she repeated same thing”
Asked how he got his daughter’s consent in the atrocious act, he said, “It happened one night. I did not tell her anything. I only crept to her and started fondling her. She did not put up any resistance; so I had carnal knowledge of her. This continued until her mother came to inform me she was pregnant. She never told me she was pregnant. I could not also deny it because when the baby was born he looked very much like me.

“I did not hypnotize her as she claimed. The only concoction I gave to her was for malaria because there are lots of mosquitoes where we lived and I did not want her to suffer from malaria. Her claim that I am the first man in his life is also a big lie. This is because she was not a virgin when I slept with her. I am an adult and I know how it feels like with a virgin.”

Asked whether he felt any remorse the first time he slept with his daughter, he shook his head and said, “Remorse? No. There was nothing like that. It was just like any other girl”.
On what he wanted to do with the product of the pregnancy, he remained calm, refusing to talk. Even when he was asked what the name of the child was, he directed this reporter to her daughter.
Meanwhile, 10-month old Destiny (for that is the child’s name), clung to her mother, crying and struggling to remove her blouse in an attempt to reach her breast. Unknown to this child, an abominable incident capable of permanently stigmatizing him, had occurred.

Snake that bit man attends his burial
By Reuben Olita

DRAMA unfolded in Teso North district on Saturday when a snake, which is believed to have bitten a man, appeared during his burial.
Patrick Barasa, 51, was beaten by a snake in his Kiriko village home as he returned to his house after answering a call of nature in the nearby bush. He was rushed to Kocholia district hospital where he died seven hours later owing to lack of anti-snake venom serum, which is not available in most hospitals in Busia county.
There was a pandemonium as Father Joseph Dome of Kocholia Parish delivered a sermon when mourners abandoned him and dashed towards the grave where the snake had been spotted. The mourners killed the seven-inch snake and carried it to the astonished priest who looked perplexed by the bizarre incident. Villagers believe that the snake is the one that killed Barasa since it had no teeth.
Addressing mourners yesterday at St Mathew Catholic Church in  Amagoro, Fr Dome asked Christians who keep snakes to invite him for special prayers before killing the "domestic animals". He stunned worshipers when he asked whoever is keeping snakes in Amagoro to raise up their hands but none did that although it is believed that some people keep snakes for ritual purposes.
Malaba South Ward Councillor, Fobian Isogol blamed the government on death of many people in rural areas for failing to availanti-snake bite drugs to health institutions. Area Chief, Ernest Otwani warned residents against claims that the snake that killed Barasa and which was later killed was kept by one of the villagers. A resident of Amagoro, Alfred Juma was two times lucky when he was bitten by a snake in a spate of four months. He was a victim of the same serpent in October last year and survived. Last Friday the snake bit him again in his house and survived after he was treated at Kocholia District hospital.


 'I'm more intimate with my monkeys than with my boyfriend' 

 SWEATING profusely under the scorching sun as she walked along the Seventh Day/Oke-Bola Road, some few days before the last Christmas celebrations, it was the shape and the natural endowments that were the initial attractions to the lone ranger on the ever-busy commercial road leading to the Olubadan Stadium/Iyaganku axis of the Ibadan metropolis. 
On a close encounter with the Nigerian Tribune however, Miss Temitope Egbeyemi, who claimed to be a 26-year-old Public Administration student of The Polytechnic, Ibadan, was seen holding a young monkey in her arms, clutching it to her bosom in a way that would make any man turn green with envy. An interview there and then ensued which drew out the love and passion she has for keeping monkeys and dogs as pets and the satisfaction and fulfillment she derives from doing such.
According to her, her love for pet-keeping dates back to some eight years ago when she acquired her first pet, a monkey which died some few years later. She said that her love for this particular animal stemmed from its friendliness and trustworthiness. "I was barely 18 years old when I bought my first pet which was a monkey. Ever since, my obsession with animals, specifically dogs and monkeys, has grown. Initially, my parents were not too enthusiastic and receptive to my idea of keeping monkeys which they saw as not typical of a growing lady.
"However, I see pets, particularly dogs and monkeys as the best friends a man can have. I therefore like keeping these species of animals as pets. Ever since my first acquisition at age 18, I have consistently been keeping dogs and monkeys as pets for over two years now. I bought Susan (the eight-month-old female monkeys she was holding in her arms) for N30, 000 from Jos. I have another one, a seven-month-old male monkey which I named Smith. I also have at home as pet a very beautiful dog", she said.
She further added that the cost of buying the monkeys notwithstanding, she would continue to keep and maintain them as her special pets because of their peculiar character traits which are similar to that of human beings. She noted that she was particularly attracted to the monkey specie because of how the nursing mothers among them attend to and dot on their babies. "The similarity is so striking; whenever you see the nursing mothers, you cannot help but notice the special attention they always give to their babies. You will see the nursing mothers painstakingly and carefully picking lice and other pests from the body of their babies and keeping them close to their bodies to give them warmth and also protect them. This love, I must confess, is one of the attractions I have for monkeys", she said enthusiastically.
When asked why the preference for monkeys, Temitope, who was doting on Susan like an infant, feeding her with fresh bananas, said that human aversion to monkeys notwithstanding, they are friendly animals and they should be loved and cared for. She, however, said that it would require understanding on the part of man for the animal to be accommodated. She declared: "Contrary to insinuations and some common beliefs about them, monkeys are indeed very friendly animals. While most of the people see them as carnivorous animals that should be avoided for fear of harming humans, they share some common traits with human beings. More often than not, they share some common traits with us, behaving like human beings most of the time."
Temitope is, however, taking her love and passion for monkeys to the extreme as the strange monkeys-lover revealed that her love for the animals is at a great cost. While most of the ladies of her age are getting married or, at least, enjoying some sort of steady relationship with the opposite sex, the reverse is her own case as the intimacy between her and her monkey is already straining her relationship with her boyfriend. More surprising and strangely enough, she did not see any big deal in this development as she disclosed to the Nigerian Tribune that she placed more importance and priority on her intimacy with her monkeys than with her boyfriend.
"Though currently I have a boyfriend the relationship is not cordial because of my closeness and intimacy with Susan and Smith. But I have no regret over this as I will prefer my monkeys anytime because of the intimacy between us. They are my friends and confidants and I am more particular about Susan. While Smith stays at home most of the time, I always go out with Susan. We are so close and most of the afternoons, if I am at home, we sleep together; she sleeps on my chest. Undoubtedly, the intimacy between us has been the cause of the frictions I have with my boyfriend as he could not understand why I am so close to her", she said.
She, however, went further to say that she had been struggling to put a rein to her close attachment to the two monkeys, trying had to stop or, at best, control the level of intimacy between them as she revealed that most members of her family and friends were beginning to form the opinion that she was not a normal girl and that was something queer about her. According to her, "the intimacy with my monkeys is also affecting the perception of members of my family and most of my friends about my person and my strange love for the animals. The thinking among them now is that I am not a normal girl and that there is more to my love for the two monkeys. They are beginning to see me as an abnormal girl whose love and passion for monkeys is strange and queer.
   Nigerian Tribune

 A pregnant virgin?
By Ishola Balogun

A teenage lady whose virginity was said to be intact after being tested positive of pregnancy is in a dilemma. Her story though far from the Biblical narrative of the Virgin Mary, strikes the mind on the possibility of remaining a virgin after she was raped by her own cousin, leaving her hymen intact but resulted in a pregnancy.

Chinelo, a fair-complexioned young lady, darting nervously between the floor and her hands narrated to Saturday Vanguard how her second cousin, Onyeka, put her in the family way. She had gone to her mother’s cousin’s house in Ihiala, Anambra state for her UME exams and had slept on the same bed with her second cousin, Onyeka.
According to her, she woke up late that fateful morning and found herself wet with semen. She asked Onyeka what it meant but he was said to have waved it off as nothing important. Chinelo, naive, accepted his excuse and moved on.
“I woke very late, very dizzy even his mother noticed and asked me whether I was feeling alright that morning. I told her I was okay but when I went to the bathroom, I discovered I was wet but did not feel any pain. I asked him but he smiled and waved it off. I did not disclose to anybody. I just cleaned up.
“I finished my menstruation five days before then. I also wrote my NECO there but left after a week I finished my exams. I went back to Onitsha, and on the 27th of July, I came to Lagos to my sister’s house. There I missed my period. I told her and she advised that we should wait for some days, saying it might be a shift,” Chinelo said.
Chinelo began to notice symptoms of pregnancy after a month. “A month later, I felt sick. My sister and I thought it was malaria. But what later convinced my sister was when I started vomiting. Our neighbour advised we should go to the hospital. My sister obliged and we went to General Hospital, Aguda. They even gave me money for the test.
“It was on Sunday, so the lab personnel did not come. We returned home and went back the following day. A test was conducted and we waited for about 30 minutes. When the result came out, they wrote ‘malaria not seen and pregnancy positive’.
“While waiting, my sister had also taken her sick daughter to see a doctor. I approached a woman sitting close to me to explain the result to me and she looked at me and asked whose result was it, saying it indicates pregnancy. When my sister came, I gave it to her and she asked how come I became pregnant.
“I told her I didn’t know that I didn’t have a boyfriend. She took me to their head nurse who also is a counsellor. She tried to convince me but I maintained my position knowing it was the truth. They decided to take a virginity test on me with the aid of a machine. The result came out and it was confirmed that I am still virgin,” she narrated.
Then the pressure came. The medical team and her sister probed further and Chinelo broke the ice saying: “I remembered the incident in my aunt’s house and I asked whether if someone was wet without making love could result into pregnancy? They asked me who was with me and I told them how I saw myself wet that morning when I woke up. I further told them how I drank the juice and slept off. I did not know what happened again.
The medical team and her sister concluded that pregnancy could occur without a penetrative intercourse since her virginity was intact. But Chinelo maintained she had no idea of how it happened as she suspected she must have been drugged with the juice she was served after dinner.
In a raspy voice pausing briefly and looking down again, she continued, “They asked me to call him (my cousin) and tell him the situation to know his reaction. I did and I threatened I was going to tell everybody what he did if he did not tell me the truth. He pleaded that he would call me back.
He immediately sent a text massage to me, recommending some drugs to terminate the pregnancy, asking me to go get it and take it immediately. I called him back asking him if he did not know anything about why he sent such message to me? I later got to know that everybody in the family took him on and he confessed to have done it.
Since then, he stopped picking my calls until last two weeks when I called him accusing him of causing my problem.”
She stated that it was not the first time she would sleep on the same bed with Onyeka but insisted she did not know how he did it.
Chinelo has already gained admission to study Mass communication at Delta State University, Abraka, Delta State but she would have to suspend her quest for further studies pending the delivery of the baby sometime in March 2012, all things being equal.
She however explained that the incident was too painful to contemplate but she had forgiven him, and would relate with him well anytime they meet again. Her words: “Forgiveness is of the Lord. I have already forgiven him. Recently, some people were of the view that I should call him with another number and reign curses on him but I said no.
“So also, when some of my brothers decided to involve the police, my mother objected, saying they should allow the sleeping dog to lie. Even if I see him anywhere I will relate with him well, I have forgiven him,” she said as her words fall over each other in a bid to assemble.
The overwhelmed lady is currently taking refuge at the Tamar Rescue Foundation, Lagos, a non-governmental organisation that sensitizes young girls on the menace of sexual abuse and rape and offers advice to victims and mentors them through lectures, seminars and empowerment programs.
Mrs Ugo Onwuraokoye the founder of the foundation, an Igbo also from Anambra state, said: “In Igboland, such incest is termed as alu (abomination) and I understand the young man who did this is having problems with his business and his whole life, just because this is an abomination. This is incest and because it is an abomination. It has its own curses.”
She disclosed that Chinelo would have to be with her pending the delivery of the baby. “They brought her to me and I have to accept the challenge because that is what my ministry Tamar Rescue Foundation is all about. Her story will teach others some lessons because some don’t know that playing around even without penetration can result into pregnancy because sperm swims.
It is one of the miracles of becoming a pregnant virgin. Her admission is through but she cannot go back to school now until she delivers the baby. She will be here with us and after the delivery, Tamar Rescue will adopt the baby and she will continue with her studies,” Onwuraokoye said.
According to her, “Everyday a child is being raped. Since I started I have only been able to go 80 schools to sensitize them. Like the case of this girl, it is as a result of sheer ignorance, she didn’t know and it occurred five days after her menstrual period.
Again, granted that it happened, there is a drug you can take immediately to prevent pregnancy and of course sexual transmitted diseases within 24 hours. If she had been aware, she would have talked to an adult and immediately, something would have been done would have been done to prevent this situation.
“Right now, she may not understand the full implication, she can’t go to school, her admission is out but she can’t go until after she delivers the baby and other distractions that will follow it. By January 10, she will be six months gone in this pregnancy and yet she has not started anti-natal classes because there is no money, they just brought her to me.
And as it is, the parents are trying to be careful because in Igboland, this is an abomination. This is a shame. You see, everyday my heart aches because parents and children are acting in ignorance. I cannot allow my daughter to go to my sister’s house where I know my sister has a grown up son and sleep in the same room. I cant allow that because I am aware.”
She advised that parents should always teach their children ways of avoiding this vices, adding that some parents want their daughters to look trendy allowing them to wear cloths that expose their bodies, noting that the heart evil men around is thinking a different thing; they are not looking at the young girl as a child but as a woman.
Doctors speak
It’s not possible!— Dr. Akeem Agboola of Life Fountain Clinic, Lagos
We only have one Virgin Mary and I don’t know about any other. Girls come here with such claim and by the time you test them, you will discover that it is all lies. For me, until you confirm from the doctor who tested her virginity, I can’t believe the story. If she’s pregnant and claims to have been raped, it means that there was penetration.
I also don’t believe that pregnancy can occur by merely playing around the virginal without penetration because there must have been a penetration before an ejaculation and the sperm will locate where the cervical opening is and locate where the egg is before there can be pregnancy. In the absence of this, somebody claiming that sperm was splashed on the virgin or something, and resulted in pregnancy, I won’t accept that.
Yes! It’s possible — Prof. Oladapo Ashiru of Medical Art Centre, Maryland, Lagos
It is possible. The virginal is not a big passage, it is like a hole and anything can go through, sperm can also go through. If she is at the peak, it is possible without penetration though it requires a little bit of penetration and that also can still leave the hymen unbroken. So, it is possible the hymen is still there.
Dr. Odiboh, an Obstetrician said it is possible without penetration but advised that the days of the incident be confirmed and that the tests should conducted again.
One of the doctors at the Lagos State Teaching Hospital who preferred said: “You do not have to have sexual intercourse to be impregnated. Sperm can swim up the vagina if they are strong enough. The chances are, of course, much less likely but it’s still possible.
Any time sperm comes into contact with the vagina; there is a chance of pregnancy. However, the chance is obviously much larger when the semen is shot into the vagina, as opposed to just rubbed on the outside of it. The chances of a girl getting pregnant from a minimal amount of sperm touching the outside of her vagina is very slim.”
A further research on the issue revealed that one does not have to get involved into a sexual activity or intercourse, to be precise, for getting pregnant. All that is required is for impregnation is the sperms of a male partner that swim up to the vaginal opening and seek entry.
Most sperms are not capable of doing this, since they cannot survive in the atmospheric temperature. But some viable and strong ones do it. Such chances are, of course, slim, yet possible is everything. Also, if there is intentional sexual activity, but without penetration, then the released sperms can find some medium to reach up the female vagina and begin to act.
Since, signs of pregnancy are seen in later months after having the impregnating intercourse, there is no way of recognizing that a female has become pregnant without losing her virginity. It is simple. If the ejaculation of a female’s male sexually partner reaches her vagina, though there had no penetration taken place, then she can get pregnant and remain a virgin.
One more reason for appearance of cases of females getting pregnant, without losing their virginity, is the artificial insemination technique. Many females try artificial insemination when their sexual attempts to give birth to a baby are unsuccessful.
Some do it before even trying the intercourse because of fear and pain. If artificial insemination can result in pregnancy, then it is possible that pregnancy can occur without penetration. Artificial insemination is nothing but injecting a sperm into a female vagina.
A sperm can live up to 24 hours after it is ejaculated out of the male body and before it begins its action of hatching the female egg. If, within these 24 hours it reaches inside a female vagina and begins its job, then there are quite favorable chances that she would get pregnant, though her virginity is intact. Thus, just being virgin does not guarantee one of a ‘no’ on pregnancy reports. But rather than that, follow the simple rule of never bringing the male genital organs near a female’s, if you really do not want to face an unwanted pregnancy, especially a virgin.


Tenant kills landlord’s daughter over slippers
By Vincent Ukpong Kalu

It started as a squabble between two ladies. One was the landlord’s daughter, the other a tenant’s little sister. In time, it graduated to a brawl. People, including the landlord, came to separate them. And there was peace – or so the people thought. Just when everyone was just settling down with what he or she was doing, there was a fresh commotion.

The two ladies had gone back at each other. This time, viciously. By the time it all ended, one of the ladies lay dead. It was the landlord’s daughter, named Rhoda. It was said that her alleged assailant, the tenant’s little sister named Happiness, stabbed her in the chest. Her dead body is now in the morgue in Isolo area of Lagos.

Rhoda, a 23-year-old hairdresser and mother of two (she was nursing the last one before her death) was living in her father’s house, at 23,Odulaju Street, Sabo, Ajangbadi, Ojo, in Lagos, with her children. Her father Oladuyoye Abel is a pastor with Christ Apostolic Church.

Her alleged killer, Happiness, 19, from Nnewi South, Anambra State and a salesgirl at Alaba International Market, Ojo, said she never intended to kill Rhoda. According to her it was Rhoda who wanted to stab her. Narrating the incident, she said, she returned from the just-concluded Lagos International Trade Fair to notice that her bathroom slippers were not at the entrance of her room. She started looking for them and saw Rhoda’s first child of about four years wearing them. According to her, she took them from the little girl and implored her not to wear them again because she had lost several pairs left at the entrance of her door.

“I was cautioning the little girl and I didn’t know that her mother was by the well-side. Instead of Rhoda to caution her child, she started asking the little girl why she should wear the slippers of a valueless, worthless, miserable and good-for-nothing girl. She was calling me other unprintable names. It was from then that fight erupted and her father and my brother intervened immediately and separated us. That was about 7.30pm. Her father was angry with her and he asked her if she was the only lady in the compound that every time, she would quarrel with people.” Happiness said, in annoyance, the old man went inside the house and started throwing out his daughter’s belongings, asking her to “leave the house as he is fed up with her trouble. My brother also cautioned me that this shouldn’t be the reason to fight. I wanted to go inside when she rushed at me from behind and I shouted and drew the attention of people that thought that the fight had ended and I fell on the door of the tenants’ kitchen and she was holding my jugular. Her mother was there, I didn’t know how she got a kitchen knife on the floor probably left by a tenant that was cooking and wanted to stab me. I overpowered her and took it from her and it slipped through my finger and I stabbed her. It was later that I heard that it was on the chest that I stabbed her.

“As the fight was going on she had vowed that either of us would die that evening. I went inside and heard that she was lying down and bleeding. My brother made move for her to be taken to the hospital but her mother objected and said she would grind pepper and onions and put in her nose to revive her and when she gets up she would then be taken to the hospital. It was when the pepper and onion therapy had been administered and she didn’t get up that my brother went to the Ilemba Hausa police station, Ajangbadi to report,” Happiness narrated. She then asked: “Why should I deliberately kill her? Even though we had problem before, but we had made up our differences.”
Happiness is now in the homicide section of State Investigative Bureau, Muslim Smith, Yaba. She is very sacred of how the whole thing would turn out. She is also afraid of want might become of her aged mother in the village when she hears the news. According to her, she lost her father at an early age.

In an emotion laden voice, Pastor Abel, father of the decease, told Saturday Sun that he is still wondering why Happiness should stab her daughter to death. According to him, Happiness went into the kitchen to take the knife she used to commit the murder and the family wants justice to be properly done. He said both of them had problems but they made up long before the incident. Rhoda died at gate of the hospital she was rushed to. The kitchen knife used for the alleged murder has not been found.

 Driver jailed 14 Years for impregnating daughter

The Family Court in Ikorodu, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria has sentenced a driver, Philip Michael to 14 years imprisonment for having unlawful carnal knowledge of his daughter which resulted in pregnancy.

The victim, Happiness Michael, 12 later gave birth to a baby boy on 22 November, 2010.

The Family Social Services Unit of the Lagos State Ministry of Youth and Social Development got wind of the abuse and arrested the randy driver.

Delivering judgment in the case yesterday, Chief Magistrate Femi Segun found the accused guilty of having unlawful carnal knowledge of her daughter and sentenced him to 14 years imprisonment with hard labour.

She said the sentence is justified in view of the nature of the offence and the impunity with which the offence was committed.

Justice Segun advised the convict to amend his ways after serving his jail term, adding that the one and a half years the convict had spent in custody will be deducted from the jail term.

Last year, the Family Social Services, Office of Youth and Social Development investigated the allegation that a 12-year old girl was abused by his father which resulted in pregnancy. The matter was reported to the government by the victim’s teacher.

During interrogation, Miss Happiness revealed that she was forcefully taken away from her biological mother by her father when her stepmother died.

She said her father had sex with her severally and was detected to be pregnant by a teacher in her school.

Immediately, the victim was withdrawn from his father and placed under care and protection of the Special Correctional Centre for Girls at Idi Araba, Mushin, Lagos while the baby boy delivered by Happiness was placed under the care of the Lagos State government.

Phillip Michael was arrested and detained at the Kirikiri Prisons, Apapa while the matter was charged before the Family Court, Ikorodu by the Commissioner of Police, represented by the prosecutor, Inspector Fola Takumbe.

 PM News

Nigerian woman who died years ago, dies again in Benin Republic
By Maurice Archibong

Her story reads like a thriller: the type only a great novelist could spin. However, the somewhat grace-to-grass context and the many twists and turns of her life’s tale could make some of the classic tragedies spun by dramatist extraordinaire Sophocles of ancient Greece appear less calamitous. First she died in Nigeria, was properly buried and forgotten, then suddenly she appeared in Benin Republic with a new life. Now she’s dead again. And then the real dead end.

To be candid, ruminating on this woman’s chequered sojourn on earth invoked Figure it out for yourself, the title of one of scores of crime thrillers by James Hardley Chase; for, at the end of series of fragmetary sequences; you are still left wondering, if you got this one right.

Initially, telephone numbers rose flying around, purportedly belonging to one of her believed children. But then, on one occasion during which the said son was reportedly traced on phone, he told them that his mother died a long time ago and that he was not going to come to claim the corpse of another woman.

He had moved on with his life in the northern part of Nigeria. Today, nobody owns up to still having the contact address of phone number of this mystery son. The same story is told of the documents removed from the late woman’s home. The official of the Nigerian community allegedly handed everything to the Beninoise authority. Confusion and more confusion.

Such was the variegated nature of this subject’s life that at some point, she served in the officer cadre of one of the nation’s armed forces only to die unloved and abadoned, and her corpse unwanted. This was a woman that actually lived overseas at some point; she apparently enjoyed the famed, good life as a spinster; and, at the domestic level was married and had children.

Sadly, however, everything eventually went so kaputt that she died a lonely and forsaken woman. So unwanted was she, that her children and practically every other family member did not only shun her in the twilight of her life but denied her outright, when informed she had passed on and that her body was waiting to be claimed in a morgue in a neighbouring foreign country.

The deceased gave up the ghost a few minutes after midnight on May 2, 2011; and, her remains were immediately deposited at Morgue Le Pardon, the only funerarium in Djeregbe. Djeregbe stands roughly 10 minutes’ drive from Porto Novo, capital of Benin Republic; and, coming from Seme-Krake, near Nigeria’s extreme south-western frontier; Djeregbe is barely five minutes’ drive after turning right at Porto Novo roundabout.

The fees for leaving a corpse at this morgue is CFA2,000 (N700) per day, but after the first 10 days; the cost rises to CFA3,000 (N1,050) daily. Counting from May 2, the mortuary bills hit CFA20,000 by May 12. With CFA3,000 daily subsequently, by June 30 the bills had climbed another CFA147,000; bringing the total to CFA167,000 or N58,450 at the current exchange rate of N350 to CFA1,000. Furthermore, by July 20, the bill had risen by another CFA60,000 (N20,000 approximately), thus bringing the total to N78,450. Add CFA33,000 (about N12,000) for another 11 days to July 31; and, we were talking of over N90,000. By August 30, the figure had exceeded N120,000.

However, it must be pointed out that the woman’s offspring have not abandoned the body due to financial implication. The deceased was a very wealthy person, and the sale of a fraction of her estate will easily raise the money to pay off any bill accruing from her death and funeral.

It would therefore seem that the offspring’s rejection of any relationship with the dead woman arises from fear of exposure of kinship to one who was sick or worse still, for other reasons which; as some are wont to conjectutre, could even be considered sinister. If the contents of a video, we shall soon refer to, are anything to go by; the woman was allegedly initiated into a secret society sometime in 2005 by some juju worshippers in Akesan Town, Lagos.

In deed, the initiation was embedded in a house-warming ceremony. It is hard to say, whether or not she was conscious of what she was walking into at the time; for, even on film she was barely lively, instead of jubilant, whereas she was the celebrant of a house-warming ceremony. Interestingly, any one watching the recording of that event would immediately notice the absence of guests during the Lagos celebration; which contrasts sharply with what transpired, when she held a similar party in Djeregbe near Porto Novo in Benin Republic.

Truly, there are many twists and turns to this convoluted tale. Could a woman that died years ago in Nigeria die again in Benin Republic? Could someone or some people have done her in, in order to inherit her wealth? It is believed that apart from the house she owned near Porto Novo, the woman also had some landed properties in Lagos; receipts and building plans of such estates were found among her belongings, according to a reliable source. Interestingly, too; a receipt was found confirming she had secured a sepulchre for her burial in London, the same respondent added.

If documents reportedly found among her possessions are to be believed; there was hefty life insurance dividend to be picked by her heir in the event of her death. Is it possible that such dividend had since been claimed, while the woman was languishing in pain, misery and loneliness; whereas a funeral had been held for her?
If so, who collected such benefits; and, who signed her death certificate, and where was it issued? Where and when was she buried? Also, who organised a bogus funeral party to mark her departure from planet earth; when the woman was still alive?

Her health had deteriorated drastically over the week preceding her transition, but she wouldn’t stand any talk of going to see a doctor. However, late in the night of May 1, her condition was so bad and the woman so weak she couldn’t even protest, when one Isideen and another of her tenants put her atop a Zemidjan (a motorbike) to take her for urgent medical attention.
It would seem that workers at the first hospital the young men took the woman to refused to admit her and directed Isideen and co to take her elsewhere. All the while, the woman; sandwiched between the two men on the bike to prevent her from falling, had been panting profusely.

As the men rode toward another clinic, the woman suddenly exuded a loud sigh: she had just breathed her last. Alarmed, Isideen and his co-tenant started shouting “Mummy, Mummy”, but no response came; for the woman had given up the ghost. Now, instead of depositing her at a hospital, the young men were compelled to take the body to the only morgue in town.

For roughly five years, the lady lived in her storey building with five tenants in Quartier Yekponawa, not too far from Djeregbe’s Quartier Zongo neighbourhood. She called her house, which stands roughly 200 metres off the highway linking Cotonou to Porto Novo, La Ville Romuero. The highest-paying of the woman’s tenants was charged CFA15,000 (about N5,000) monthly. Three other tenants paid CFA10,000 (N3,500) each, monthly; while the rental for the fifth occupant was CFA7,000 (N2,300) for the same period.

Strangely, this landlady occupied the uncompleted upper floor of her two-floor house. This top floor was mostly unroofed and many rooms lack windows and doors, yet she chose to live in this quarter, while giving out the finished rooms on the ground floor to tenants. Curiously, she kept none of her valuables upstairs, where she lived.
Her belongings were divided between the rooms of two of her tenants, one of them Isideen. She occasionally ate in the rooms of these two tenants. Her moveable property included five sealed boxes, a few bags and other boxes that were not locked. It was inside one of these unlocked boxes that a video recording of the woman’s funeral, purportedly after her death decades ago, was found.

Sources told Daily Sun the woman probably suffered phychological, if not psychiatric, challenges years before her transition. Once, she had an acquintance called Samson; but, it would seem the woman sent him packing sometime before she died. Sadly, no one could locate Samson now; and, none was sure that even he had any clue as to the woman’s relations or friends. After parting ways with Samson, the woman neither went visiting anyone nor did anyone ever came to visit her for all the years that she lived in the compound.

No one remembered ever seeing her cook. “Mummy rarely ate any food”, said one respondent. One of her tenants, who spoke on condition of anonymity, revealed she drank frequently: Guinness was her preferred brand, but when out of pocket; the woman settled for native gin. In fact, she showed signs of bloating a few weeks to her death, we were told.

Some respondents’ conjecture is that the late woman had at least two sons, whom; going by photographs taken decades ago, must be above 40 years today. Among such people’s guess is that Mr. Percy (surname withheld) is a man believed to be one of her children. From this man’s first name, Percy, it would seem she had him for a Christian. However, there is another man, Ahmed, believed to be her son as well. It seems likely Percy and Ahmed were sired by different men.

One respondent told us, “Mummy spoke excellent French, English and Yoruba”; however, another throw-up of some, that spoke with Daily Sun in and around Djeregbe was that the woman probably hailed from Calabar. They hinged their guess on the lady’s abhorrence of filth. Further probe into the woman’s origins led to the discovery that her maiden name sounded like one from “the Calabar area”. Alhaji Yusuf Salami, President of Nigerian community in Porto Novo, who had accompanied local police personnel to the late woman’s house and the morgue, where her body was deposited; confirmed her maiden name hinted at Calabar origins. Unfortunately, Alhaji Salami said he could not recall that name.

He said that after being contacted, he had done the best he could as leader of the local Nigerian community and had properly briefed the Nigerian embassy of his findings. Subsequently, he had washed his hands off the matter; which now lay with the Nigerian embassy and Beninoise authorities. “If you want any information on this matter, please; go to the Nigerian embassy”: this was Alhaji Salami’s advise to us, when we contacted him on phone.
After deeper probes, we were at some point told that the deceased was Miss Margaret Ekanem Utip. We were also told that her husband’s grandfather was a half-caste, and the man’s white grandfather, Mr. Audifferen (first name not known) died in 1933. However, the most baffling of all is the 2005 ceremony in Lagos, celebrated as Warming of late Margaret Ekanem’s House.

In 1979, one Miss Omodele Ayo Audifferen, who lived at Number 1, Odo Ogun Close in South West Ikoyi; was a student of Federal School of Arts and Science (FSAS), Victoria Island, Lagos. A student’s ID card, signed December 12, 1979, carries the portrait of a pretty young lady that probably morphed into a charming woman.

While studying for her A Levels at FSAS, she was in the group MSD, which means she was of the Morning Session classes and that her subject combination was Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Successful products of FSAS SD groups usually went on to study medicine, pharmacy, biochemistry, life sciences and related courses.
And, going by leads; which include epaulettes that show the wearer went through the rank of Mid-Shipman before being promoted a Sub-Lieutenant, found among the deceased’s belongings, the late woman belonged to one of these professions. Moreover, she probably served in the Medical Corps of the Nigerian Navy, going by some leads. Could this be the late one, whose body is lying unclaimed in Porto Novo?

Interestingly, during the house-warming ceremony, dubbed House-warming ceremony of late Chief (Mrs.) Ekanem Audifferen; the woman was variously called Doctor and at least once addressed as Mrs. Abidu. In the same video, the said Mrs. Abidu was described as “the last child of late Chief (Mrs.) Audifferen”. This late Chief (Mrs.) Audifferen could well be one-time Miss Ekanem Utip, who hailed from Oku in Ikot Offiong, Calabar. Born in Beua, now known as Victoria, in Western Cameroon; the young Ekanem Utip had her primary education at Government Secondary School, Beua from 1933 to 1941.

The house in question stands at Number 10 Kassim Achiomu Street in Akesan Town, off LASU Road; going by the address found on the cartridge of a video recorded by SOAJ Video and Film Production, which in December 2005 gave its studio’s address as 220 Ijegun Road, Ile-Ibadan Bus stop in Ikotun, Lagos.
Curiously, a year after that purported posthumuos housewarming took place, she turned up in Cotonou, the economic capital of Benin Republic. It remains unclear, where she resided in those days; for Samson, who might know; having served the woman for years, could not be located. In any case, in 2006, she bought a house, which was still under construction in Djeregbe and made home there.

The late Mrs. Abidu was probably sibling with one-time Master Ekundayo Essien Audifferen, who was baptised on August 5, 1961 at the Cathedral Church of Christ, Lagos. Ekundayo Essien Audifferen subsequently had his Confirmation and First Communion at the same church on June 4, 1978, a year before Omodele Ayo enrolled for Sixth Form studies at FSAS, Lagos. The duo were probably related to one Mr. S.B. Audifferen, resident of House 18, Nevern Rd, SW London; going by an address found on the envelop of a letter sent by one Dr. Audifferen from Number 10 Boyle Street, Lagos.

On Nigerian Embassy Cotonou
The unfolding saga of Nee Audiferen’s life and eventual death in Benin Republic as well as the fact that her body is still lying in a local morgue four months after her passage has once again thrown up doubts about the efficiency and diligence on the part of officials of Nigeria’s foreign missions. It could be recalled that Nigerian Embassy Cotonou had come under severe criticisms in the past for its staffers’ lackadaisal attidtude to work. In deed, Nigerian Embassy in Cotonou was virtually loathed by all; Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa communities alike.

September 2 marked 120 days since the former Miss Audiferen died. Questions would be asked as to what the Nigerian Embassy Cotonou has done over the four-month period with regard to unveiling her identity and subsequently getting the dead woman’s relations to come and collect her body for burial. At least one official at Nigerian Embassy Cotonou had mooted the idea of selling the deceased woman’s house. The explanation for this seems to be to raise money to pay morgue fees and other bills, Daily Sun gathered from reliable sources.

However, perceived foot-dragging on the part of the local Nigerian mission in treating the matter has fuelled speculation that those contemplating the sale of the woman’s property had erected hedges to prevent access to information on the dead woman. That way, according to conspiracy theorists, those hoping to reap where they did not sow could then sell the woman’s belongings at give-away prices to themselves under the excuse that no relative of the deceased could be traced.


 Businessman stabs female student in the eye …Victim risks blindness, cries for justice

Miss Goodness Moses has just finished the Ordinary National Diploma (OND) at the Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Enugu and came to Lagos for her one year Industrial Training (IT). The 26-year-old lady had actually approached Nestle Foods Plc for the training and was hopeful of being given the opportunity to serve in the multinational company, for her practical experience, before going back for her Higher National Diploma (HND).

Presently, verifications are going on in the school to know those who qualify for the HND. But the Marketing student may not have the opportunity again, at least, not for now. She is battling to ensure she doesn’t go blind, after she was allegedly hit and stabbed in the eyes by a businessman, Uzoma Nwezie. The incident occurred on Sunday, March 13, 2011, at 6, Ajayi Street, Catholic Road, Ipaye, Iba Town, Ojo, Lagos.

Trouble started for Goodness, when she was trekking to Ipaye bus-stop that fateful day alongside one of her sisters. According to her, Nwezie, who was driving, almost ran over her if not that she ran into the bush where she fell flat.

The victim, who said it was the fall inside the bush that saved her from being crushed by Nwezie’s car told Daily Sun how she got up, cleaned herself and they continued their journey, only for him to reverse and challenged her for allegedly calling him devil.

“I didn’t call him devil, I only said, ‘it would not be well with the devil’. I even apologized to him and he still used sharp object to hit me in the jaw and I started seeing stars. My eyes later went blank and I started screaming for help. People tried to stop him from further torturing me but he refused. He tore my clothes and bra. The incident occurred between 7.30 and 8 pm. I lost my purse, money and the torn dress,” she said.

According to her, the businessman, his wife and group of boys stormed their compound, fuming with rage.

“He resumed the attack on me and even extended it to my father. That was the time he stabbed me in one of my eyes. Because of the hitting and the stab, I started vomiting blood and was quickly rushed to the El-Shaddai Hospital, Iba Town, but the doctors referred me to the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH). At LUTH, I was referred to St. Edmund Clinic and Eye Hospital, which later referred me to Eye Foundation, Ikeja, where they performed Rectinal detachment.”

After the operation, Goodness said she couldn’t see with one of the eyes, while the other one is getting worse.

“Pus is also gushing out from one of my ears,” she lamented. She was supposed to be going for medical check-ups and further treatment, but her alleged attackers have refused to take responsibility for that and refuse to show up.

“The condition of my eyes are deteriorating daily, and my parents do not have money to treat me. We have tried to compel Nwezie to take me to the hospitals, but he said the money he spent so far, was all he could spend and that the court would decide the case.”

After the incident, Nwezie was arrested by the Ojo police division and detained, before charging the matter to Ojo Magistrate’s Court. The accused is facing on a three-count charge. The first count charge reads: “That you Uzoma Nwezie ‘M’, Ogwuchukwu Okoye ‘M’ and others at large, on the 13th day of March, 2011 at about 7 pm, at No 6, Ajayi Street, Catholic Road, Ipaye Iba Town, in Ojo Magistrate District, did conspire among yourselves to commit felony to wit assault occasional harm and thereby, committed an offence punishable under section 54(a) of the Criminal Code Cap. C. 17 Vol. II Lagos State of Nigeria, 2003.

The second charge reads: “That you Uzoma Nwezie ‘M’ on the same date, time and place in the aforementioned Magisterial District did unlawfully assaulted one Goodness Moses ‘F’, Aged 26, by giving her first blow on her eyes, which caused her harm and thereby, committed an offence punishable under section 355 of the Criminal Code Cap C. 17 Vol. II Lagos State of Nigeria, 2003.

The third and last count charge reads: :That you Uzoma Nwezie ‘M’, Ogwuchukwu Okoye ‘M’ and others at large, on the same date, time and place in the aforementioned Magisterial District did unlawfully assaulted one Goodness Moses ‘F’ by giving her first blows all over her body, dragging her on the ground and in the process strip her naked and thereby committed an offence punishable under section 351 of the Criminal Code Cap. C. 17 Vol. II Lagos State of Nigeria, 2003.

The embittered father of the victim, Moses Onyike, who spoke to Daily Sun is worried that his daughter might go blind, if she is not given adequate treatment. The man, who worked in the National Theatre before he retired, said Goodness is his only child in higher institution, adding that her condition now is capable of discouraging him from training others.

I slept in the bush for 3 days to stay alive – Female corps member serving her country in Bauchi State

Miss Vivian Chidinma Anumba is one of the lucky corps members who survived the recent Bauchi mayhem, where many young people serving their fatherland were butchered.

The female corps member, who hails from Uzoako community, in Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State, read Banking and Finance at Federal Polytechnic, Oko and was serving at Shira Local Government Area, Bauchi State, from where she ran home, like a refugee.

Narrating her ugly experience to Saturday Sun, Chidinma said she slept in the bush for three days, running for her life, as all she had, including her credentials were burnt by hoodlums in Bauchi.

Her experience in Bauchi and alleged treatment by her state government on return are pitiable.

How did the violence start in Bauchi?

Actually, the major problem started after the presidential election on April 16, 2011. From the polling units, they started pursuing us, threatening to kill us if President Goodluck Jonathan won. They nicknamed corps members, PDP or Goodluck. They insisted that if Goodluck won, they would kill us.

On April 17, being Sunday, we received threats also that corps members, especially Christians, would be killed. When the presidential results were being released and Jonathan was winning in 21 states, they started threatening us again. Later, they started burning houses and killing corps members. When trouble got to our arena, in Shira Local Government Area, we started running. They killed some of our colleagues. They cut them into pieces.

How did you escape?

It was survival of the fittest. They started going from house to house, room to room in search of corps members. Even if you were to run into an Hausa man’s house, they would kill you. When we ran into a police station, they came into the police station to kill us. In fact, police station was not safe because they killed some policemen and burnt the place down.

So, we continued running, for three days, until Tuesday, April 19. That was when we were rescued. They had to call SSS people to convey the surviving ones to SSS quarters in Bauchi town; that was where they gathered all surviving corps members and from there, they were taken home by their different state governments.

For us from Anambra State, we found ourselves home here with the help of Imo State Governor, Chief Ikedi Ohakim. Some entered ANIDS bus to convey them from Bauchi to Awka and on the way, some were involved in accidents; some of them are still in the hospital, as we are talking now.

Did you see them kill people?

I know some people that were killed. There was this young man; he was my neighbour and he was to get married by June. He was a batch three corps member. Unfortunately, they killed him. There was another person, who was like our pastor there. They killed him too. There, they isolated Christians; anywhere Christians are is a forgotten land. They see it as a land that is corrupt. So, they burnt all the churches there. The man we saw as pastor came home after the service that day. We prayed in the house. He helped people to safety. In the process of trying to show people the way to escape, they killed him. They were three roommates. They killed two, with the exception of one who came back with us.

Many others were injured; some of them couldn’t even stand; they were still on wheelchairs before we came down to this place. I got pictures of those killed with my phone. The bodies were taken to the mortuary. Most of them are still in mortuaries in Bauchi State. Their people were coming down there to settle with NYSC officials before they will carry the corpses.

Are you saying there was no security at the polling units?

The security they gave us in the polling units did not do anything because all of them are Muslims. They beat me up in my polling unit because there in Bauchi State, they didn’t do election; they would just command you to share the ballot papers among the parties. Even after obeying them, they won’t be satisfied. After the election, they threw us into a truck and commanded us to start counting for CPC. In fact, if not for God’s intervention, we could have been raped.

You said that you slept in the bush while escaping. What happened?

We slept in the bush behind a rock in order to be safe, because they started going from house to house in search of corps members to kill. If you are an Hausa man and they suspect that corps members are in your house, they would search and anyone they saw was dragged out and dealt with.

They burnt all my property; they burnt my documents, but I really thank God that at the end of the day, I was able to escape. As I said earlier, even the police station we ran to for rescue, was burnt. People that were inside, who were not at alert, became victims. But we had to run into the bush, slept there for three days, before we came out. It was then that we heard that they were coming to evacuate us.

How were you evacuated?

I had to fix myself into the Imo State flight. Ohakim had to send a flight to us and we landed in Owerri. He hosted us. He lodged us in different hotels and at the end of the day, he gave each of us N5, 000 for transportation from Owerri to Awka. He took us to the Government House, entertained us and after entertaining us, he lodged us, gave us transport fare. We from Anambra State, we are about 100 plus that followed the flight. We came back to our own Government’s House that day; we don’t even know how the Governor’s Lodge is because they sent us back from the gate. They asked our driver to turn back and packed somewhere. They stopped us at the gate and addressed us. They gave them N1, 000 each after that. He then asked us to come back on Wednesday. Now, on getting to that place, we were ignored. We sat there from morning till afternoon and the thing we heard was that the governor had travelled. One person came and addressed us and said that we should write our names and that if they had any information for us, they would call us.

We learnt that you met with Dr. Chris Ngige. How come?

We were there when we heard that Onwa (Ngige) was around and we decided to come here.

How did your parents react when you returned?

Oh my God! My mum was happy, though until I got home I did not tell her what was happening to me. It was only my brother that I was telling everything, because I knew my mum would have a health crisis if I told her I was in such trouble, even if I was still alive. She would die before I came back.

What are you going to do next?

I am preparing to go for a thanksgiving in church. I didn’t know that I would still be alive till today because, at a point, I had to say my last prayer that if they met me I was dead. They were everywhere, ready to kill. It was God that brought me home without any scratch.

7-month-old baby uncovers dad’s death
By Oluwatoyin Akinola

Okereke with Ogbonnaya's body 
There is indeed no art in knowing the mind’s construction on the face. If there were, 28-year-old Mrs. Goodness Ogbonnaya would have known that her cousin, Israel Okafor Okereke, who had helped her search for her missing husband, Basil Ogbonnaya, was the same man who killed him.

However, the bond the couple shared helped solve the mystery, recounts Goodness, the mother of seven-month-old Precious (their baby, who would never know her father, slain at the prime age of 31).

Basil was a businessman selling foodstuff at Shop 23 Milaco Plaza along Ago Palace Way in Okota, Lagos. On March 1, he had gone to meet with business associates at Iddo and Daleko respectively, Goodndess recalls. She had called her husband’s telephone number to know if he was on his way home about 6pm but his phone was switched off. Her husband later called back at 6.43pm to inform her that he was at Okafor’s place.

“I felt he was probably discussing with him and didn’t want to be disturbed. By 10pm, his phones were still switched off and he wasn’t back. We kept awake till about 2am when I asked one of the boys working for him to go and lock the door. I had hoped he slept over there and that he would call me first thing in the morning. They are friends. They had known each other before he married me. In fact, my husband helped him to secure the accommodation he lives in at No. 17 Omiyale Street, Ejigbo, where he killed him.”

But alas! the call never came and Goodness had reason to be alarmed. So she called Okafor, who denied seeing Basil or that he slept in his house. “When I didn’t see my husband in the morning and with his phones still switched off, I called Okafor to find out about my husband. But he said he had not seen him; that the last time he did was on February 28. Then he came over to our place. I told him my husband had not returned home, which was unlike him, and that I wanted to check hospitals, and he followed me.”
Searching with the suspect
That day, Goodness and Okafor combed the accident and emergency wards and mortuaries of hospitals, from Isolo to Gbagada and back to Ejigbo till dusk.
“A friend suggested I go back to Ejigbo to search for him since it was the last place I heard from him. By the time we did this it was late, and somehow my spirit was telling me to sleep over at his house. Before then I had told my brothers of the situation. He initially objected to my sleeping in his house. But following persuasion from my elder brother, he agreed, and said he had to come to Ago to pick his sister first, which he did. When we got to his house, he put me in one of the rooms and brought out a pillow from his room for me to use.
Pillowcase clue uncovered by seven-month-old baby
Probably stressed by the events of the day, Goodness’ seven-month-old baby, Precious, wouldn’t sleep and was playfully pulling at the bed sheet. Unknown to her infant mind, she had uncovered a clue that led them to her father’s murderer.
“I put my baby on the bed and she was pulling at the bed sheet. Then she pulled the pillow and I noticed blood stains on the pillowcase, and I became suspicious. So I pulled off the pillowcase and put it in my baby’s pampers.
Bloodstains on the wall
“I couldn’t sleep, so I began praying. Earlier, I had been asked what I wanted to eat but I said nothing. I had no appetite for food but I asked for tea. Not long after I began to purge and had to go to the toilet. There I saw splashes of blood on the wall and I took the picture with my phone. The sister whom I begged to sleep with us in the room was close to me, so she heard the clicking sound from my phone and turned. But I pretended as I came out as if I hadn’t done anything.
“About 5.30am, when I got up to prepare a bath for my baby, I saw my husband’s handkerchief he used the day I last saw him in the wash hand basin. It was stained with blood.”

Like one who had murdered sleep, Okafor also barely slept as he decided to sleep in his sitting room instead of his bedroom. Goodness’ cries and prayers unsettled him such that he came to her door severally to inquire what was wrong. In the morning when Goodness ran out of credit, he offered to go and buy for her while she gave her baby a bath.
“It was when he went out that I sneaked into his bedroom to confirm my suspicion. There I saw blood splattered on the wall. His sister was trying to catch some sleep because of my disturbance in the night. When I saw that, I called my brothers and told them. I also kept the handkerchief with the pillowcase I had seen earlier.

“By the time he came back, my brothers were in the area. So he left the house again to pick them. But my brothers came through another route and I showed them what I had seen.” When Okafor returned, she begged him to take her to Ago Police Station where she had earlier lodged a complaint and was told to wait for 24 hours before declaring him missing. He declined on the pretext that he was tired but later obliged after some persuasion.

Looking for more clues, Goodness asked to put her umbrella and bag in his car boot, which was also splattered with blood. But she pretended as if she saw nothing. “When we got to the station, I said I wanted to make a statement that my husband told me he was in his house the last time he called me. But the policeman in charge of such cases said I would be indicting him and there were penalties for such if my claims were untrue. I replied him that I didn’t mind.”

It would however take some going back and forth and tendering the evidence she had on her before the police took her serious and took Okafor in for questioning. He still denied seeing Basil and said they should take him anywhere, that he was innocent. “It was when I tendered the stained handkerchief and pillowcase that I was allowed to make my statement and a search warrant issued. The DPO instructed that Okafor should be put behind the counter.”

Okafor later confessed that he committed the heinous crime and escorted the policemen to search his house.
‘It’s rat blood on my wall’
“When the policemen got there and saw the blood stain on the wall, he initially said it was a rat that he killed. They later saw his bloodstained mattress, which he had kept outside and the rug. He told them he had drugged my husband before killing him with an axe around midnight (and I remember seeing that axe in the house and had asked him what he was doing with an axe in the city when he was not in the village).

He said he cut him first in the head, which woke him up, and probably a struggle ensued (explaining the blood stains) between them. So he broke his two legs with the axe to demobilise him and finished him off with a cutlass. He claims it was a mistake but because he injured him so much, decided to finish it…”
Though not shedding tears as she recounted the gory details to our reporter, she was filled with anguish as she measured her words, stopping and shaking her head at intervals.

Was she aware that her cousin had any evil antecedent?
“Somehow, I suspected so because of his lifestyle. We would see him for some time and he would disappear again. Because of his lifestyle, my husband had to dissociate himself from him at some point but he kept coming around. I never knew he could be this wicked to kill my husband.”
Contrary to the suspect’s claim that the late Basil was owing him some amount of money, Goodness said rather it was Okafor that was indebted to her husband.

“I’m not aware of any quarrel between them but I remember my husband said he had borrowed him money, which he promised to pay back by July this year. He borrowed him late last year when he was about to do his wedding. My husband said it was N3.5million. He didn‘t tell me he had any quarrel with Okafor.”

So what was Okafor’s motive for killing Basil and dumping him in a drum in his area (NNPC Ejigbo)? Was it because he felt he couldn’t pay back despite the fact that he runs a men’s clothing store at 131 Ago Palace Way, Okota, or could it be for ritual purposes as speculated by many, given the stickers on his car (‘This year money shall be my servant’ and ‘2011- My year of double blessings’)?
Police sources say no part of Basil’s body was missing. Why, why, why, is the question Goodness is asking, and Baby Precious would also, when she is old enough.

source : sun

Soldier rapes, batters a 23-year-old student at graveyard 
Miss Jane Adams, a 23-year-old student of the Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH) is crying for justice. She is seeking help after a soldier serving at Bonny Camp, Lagos allegedly abducted and raped her at a dreaded cemetery within the Ojo Military Cantonment in Lagos.
The victim, who hails from Gboko Local Government Area of Benue State, alleged that Lance Corporal Akparuku Clever, in the night of Saturday, January 22, abducted her in his danfo bus, marked LAGOS XY 230 EKY, and forcefully took her to a graveyard inside the Ojo Military Cantonment. There, she recalled, he allegedly pulled a dagger, threatened to injure or kill her and then raped her. It was during her intense struggle with him that she suffered a serious injury on her left eye, she said.
Aside from the alleged rape, Jane also accused the soldier of other diabolical intentions, saying he attempted to insert a charmed ring inside her private part.
In an interview with Daily Sun, the victim who still nurses the gruesome wounds allegedly inflicted on her by the soldier, described the incident as the worst experience of her life.
Narrating her ordeal, she said some hoodlums at Boundary area of Apapa had snatched her handbag while she was returning from work the previous day. But unknown to her, the loss of her bag was just a harbinger of some evil that was waiting to happen.
The lady worked with Halogen Security firm from where she was deployed to Oando Oil, Apapa terminal 2. It was on her way home after the day’s work that some hoodlums, popularly known as ‘Area Boys’ in Lagos, attacked her and snatched her bag containing her mobile phone and other valuables.
It was on that same ill-fated day that she coincidentally ran into an old friend of her elder brother, Goodnews, who later assisted her with N200.00. They later exchanged phone numbers and she went home.
According to Jane, her family formerly lived in the Ojo Barracks because her father, Mr Anakaun Ujon Adams, was a soldier until his death on January 9, 2009. It was after her father’s death that the bereaved family relocated from the area. Her mother, Eunice, went to live in Benue while she stayed back in Lagos with her elder sister at a private residence opposite the military barracks.
It was from her residence that she went to work in Apapa, and Goodnews, the Good Samaritan, later introduced her to Mr. Akparuku, a soldier serving at the DAOP Unit of the Army Headquarters, Bonny Camp.
Jane said the soldier never asked her for love, but they related only as casual friends until Saturday, January 22, when it dawned on her that friends could be deceitful.
According to her, she was returning from work late in the evening when she saw Goodnews and Akparuku drinking in a bar located opposite the barracks with some of their friends. Jane said she joined them on invitation and was offered a bottle of malt. But, according to her, hardly had she taken a sip of the chilled drink when some boys from their neighbourhood invaded the bar to make trouble.
Goodnews, she recalled, engaged the boys in a fight and efforts made to separate them failed. She said she considered running away from the scene but when she considered it as a betrayal to a friend that invited her for a free drink, she stayed behind. In her words, when the owner of the bar requested for her money, the soldier, Akparuku, pleaded with her to accompany him to a new generation bank located inside the military barracks to collected some money from the ATM machine to offset their bill. The victim said she didn’t suspect anything and entered the bus.
The first year student of Business Administration said the fog of excitement cleared from her eyes when the soldier refused to stop at the bank. And when she confronted him to stop the vehicle, he allegedly persuaded her to follow him to his house to collect his ATM card.
“I told him to stop the vehicle, so that I would get down but he refused. He kept on speeding. But when he got to the School of Music, there was a mound of sand there. I used that opportunity to jump down from the bus. But he came down and pursued me.
I started screaming for help but he caught up with me and started kicking, hitting and dragging me back to the bus. It was at that point that he hit me on my eye and I fell down in severe pains. Some soldiers intervened at that point but he told them that I stole his N10, 000. He didn’t allow me to explain to them because he knew he was lying. He rained blows on my face, slapping me on both sides. Even those that came to help me turned around and abused me for stealing his money and ordered me to follow him,” she said.
While the beating continued, the victim said other vehicles drove past them without bothering to stop. But one man, whom she suspected to be a senior officer, stopped and ordered Mr. Akparuku to immediately take her out of the barracks.
“I told that senior officer that I wouldn’t follow him any more because he might kill me. But the man encouraged me to follow him into the bus. At that point, tears were flowing uncontrollably from my wounded eye which began swelling rapidly. It was getting darker and I could hardly see. When we entered the bus, I didn’t know what happened next until he dragged me down. He told me that we were in a burial ground, a no-go area. He pulled a dagger and threatened to stab me dead if I ever resist him. Everywhere was dark. He tore off my clothes. I refused to open my legs for him, and we started struggling again. But he was much stronger. The dagger slashed my neck. There were wounds all over my body. Then he raped me,” she said.
Jane said the furious soldier throttled her so hard that she could hardly scream. “I lay helplessly on the ground,” she recalled. She said the soldier also threatened to kidnap and keep her out of sight forever, for daring to insult him.
Jane, who said the incident left her thoroughly humiliated and debased, recalled that her alleged rapist used no condom.
“Apart from the fear of HIV/AIDS, I was even more afraid because I was in my ovulation period,” she said. “After raping me, he took me back to the bus and told me he was from the Niger/Delta and that he had kidnapped me. He said my family would never see me again. I was so afraid that I couldn’t utter a word. But when we got to a place in the barracks called Fin Niger, I saw somebody with a torch. I jumped out of the vehicle and started calling on the man to save me. At that time, I was naked but I didn’t mind. Other people came, some of them were soldiers, and they took us to the military police. They locked him up in the guardroom and took me to the military hospital. I spent three days in the hospital before the doctor referred me to a specialist hospital for the treatment of my eye,” she explained.
A medical report issued by the military hospital and made available to Daily Sun, described the incident as an assault occasioning bodily harm. But the victim is accusing the army authorities of trying to water down the rape charge so that the victim would receive light punishment.
“He raped me. He penetrated me and released his semen inside me. How can I lie and expose myself to this shame if it is not true? Even the man confessed that he did it. The doctor that examined me that night knows the truth. All I want is justice,” she said.
Jane said another lady also suffered a similar fate in the same location and was brought to the same military hospital. According to her, the lady, presumably in her early 20s, equally claimed to have been raped by unknown men at the same graveyard. Aside from having several rounds of unprotected sex, the perverts added a gory dimension to their crime by forcing an empty bottle into her private part. She spent the night unconscious in the cemetery until some passers-by took her to the military hospital. She was referred to an undisclosed specialist hospital when doctors at the barracks could do nothing to save her life, she said.
Although Jane said she was certified negative when she went for a pregnancy test, perpetual fear still gnaws at her mind, as she feels she might have contracted the dreaded HIV. She said her HIV status could only be properly diagnosed after six months.
Since the incident happened, Jane said she has been seeking legal aid, but lacks the required financial power and counsel.
Aside her financial constraints, the young lady said she is also facing constant threats from unknown persons who have vowed to deal with her for rejecting conciliatory steps engineered by the accused. According to her, a member of the Oodua People’s Congress (OPC), warned her recently to be more careful because some people are out to silence her forever.
Daily Sun undercover reporter visited Ojo Barracks on Friday, February 12 to get more details of the sex crime. At the military duty room where the accused was detained, the detainee chart spelt out the offence of assault and rape against Lance Corporal Akparuku Clever, who was the third on the chart. The chart also had seven other soldiers charged and detained for other misdemeanours.
The reporter, in an attempt to get the details of the offence, claimed to be a relation of the victim, who has come to broker a peace deal. Looking suspiciously at the reporter, the officer on duty ordered the visitors to wait outside the office for his colleague that has the keys to the guardroom. It took some couple of minutes before the accused was brought out from his cell.
On seeing Jane, the soldier’s eyes fell as he sat down on the wooden bench in front of the office. The journalist was able to convince him that the family of the victim had finally agreed to settle the case. The bait caught the suspect. He sounded remorseful as he reeled out his confession. He pleaded with the victim to name her price in order to save his career. He argued that his detention in cell had done either party no good, moreso as his commercial bus had been impounded by the authorities. It was while the soldier was pleading with the victim to withdraw the case that the reporter stealthily took his photograph, a Herculean task because of the presence of other soldiers.
Akparuku, with Force Number 03NA/63/197, disclosed that he was a native of Bayelsa State, a married man with five children. His pregnant wife, he said, was almost due and had travelled home with the children shortly after the incident for the burial of her grandmother.
Looking downcast and unkempt, Akparuku said misfortunes had been trailing him from his village since he took his danfo bus home. The army authorities, he noted, had since confiscated the bus which the victim alleged was used to abduct her.
Akparuku claimed it was not in a graveyard that the incident happened and denied any plan to use the victim for rituals. But the victim, who had been playing along to enable the reporter get details of the case, lost her temper and shouted him down for being economical with the truth. To keep the accused in high spirits, the journalist promised to prevail on the victim to withdraw her case entirely from the military police so that he would be released from the guardroom.
At the Ojo Military Police office, the reporter also met the Officer-in-Charge, Lieutenant Colonel, W.F. David, who assured the victim that investigations were on-going. Although he declined giving details of the action the military would take against the accused, one of the investigators said the accused would never go unpunished.
Efforts made to get official comments of the Nigerian Army failed. When the reporter contacted one of the commanding officers at the cantonment, one Captain Sanni, he said he was not aware of the incident since it happened outside his unit. According to him, there were about 14 units in the Army, which makes it difficult for him to know what happened in other units.
Also, the spokesman for Brigade 9 of the Nigerian Army, Lagos, Captain Olaolu Daudu, said he was not aware of the incident but assured that since the accused was still in military custody, the matter would be properly investigated.
However, the victim said her wounds would continue to fester unless the Army authorities heed her cry for justice. She said her tears would continue to flow until the man who subjected her to such physical, psychological and emotional torture earns his deserved punishment.
Will Miss Jane Adams ever receive justice? The whole world waits. 

'I'm addicted to eating soap': The 19-year-old girl with a dangerous compulsion doctors say could kill her

It's the toxic compulsion that doctors claim could kill her.

But this 19-year-old girl claims she is hopelessly addicted... to eating soap.
A rare medical condition has left Tempestt Henderson, from Florida, eating up to five bars of soap a week - and washing powder too. 

My bizarre compulsion: Tempestt Henderson, 19, says she is addicted to eating soap - and can go through five bars a week

'It tasted so sweet, and salty': Tempestt claims that the first time she ate washing powder, it just felt right
'I remember the first time I dipped my fingers into the washing powder,' she said.

'I dabbed the powder onto my tongue and it tasted so sweet, and salty…it just felt so right. I was hooked straight away.'

The nursing student says she knew eating soap was dangerous, but ignored the warning labels on the box in favour of licking the deadly powder daily, from the minute she woke up in the morning. 

Soon she had moved onto licking the bubbles of soap in the shower, too, a habit that was getting her through up to five bars of soap a week.

'In the shower, I like to lather up a green bar of soap, and lick the bubbles. And as the soap disintegrates, I pop a tiny amount of the soap into my mouth and suck it. It’s heavenly.

When you can't stop: Doctors have diagnosed Tempestt with a rare disorder called PICA, characterised by an appetite for substances that are non-nutritive

'I love the clean feeling it gives me. Eating soap feels so much cleaner than just washing with it.'
After six months of eating soap, unhappy Tempestt decided to be brave and seek medical advice. She was diagnosed with a rare disorder called PICA, which doctors told her is characterised by an appetite for substances that are largely non-nutritive. 

Sufferers have been known to compulsively eat metal, coins, chalk, batteries and even toothbrushes. It can often be caused by a mineral deficiency, which explains why pregnant women often crave eating coal when needing iron. 

But in Tempestt’s case doctors believed the condition was bought on by stress.

'Things got really stressful for me when my boyfriend, Jason, split up with me and left for college,' she admitted.
'He told me he was going to college in Kansas to study business. I begged him to give the long distance relationship a go, but he told me it was over. I was devastated.'

NOT a balanced meal: Doctors say if Tempestt doesn't kick her habit - which they blame on PICA, caused by stress - it could kill her

When Tempestt herself had to leave for college, hundreds of miles away from her family home in Florida, things took a turn for the worse. 

'College was five hours away from my family, and the stress got bigger. With no boyfriend and my family miles away, I got lonely, sad and depressed. I turned to bath soap and laundry detergent and my problem got increasingly worse.'

Dr Barton Blinder, the world’s authority on PICA, says that eating soap in these quantities could seriously affect Tempestt’s health:.

'With soap, the worry is the problems associated with ingesting toxic chemicals, which are typically alkaline but there are other toxic substances in soap.

'These can damage someone's metabolism and cause digestive problems. With soap, you're also concerned about the acid-base balance of the blood.'

But for Tempestt, therapy got to the bottom of her addiction to soap, and the cause of her PICA.
'I always knew I loved the smell of washing detergent,' she explained.

At least it's not drugs: Tempestt poses with her mother, who was so worried about her habit that she pulled her out of college
'I remember the brand my Mum always used to use - I remember the smell vividly, it was the smell of her cardigan when she hugged me, and the smell of my bed sheets as a child. 

'I used to love smelling the powder, but when life got so stressful I found only eating the soap would help.
'It is an addiction, I can’t stop, and I have sought the help of a doctor who specialises in addiction. The doctor told me I must empty my house of all washing detergent and soap, anything that triggers my addiction.'

Psychologists have said that Tempestt most likely turned to soap eating as a comforting coping mechanism when she found herself away from her family. 

'We use liquid at home now,' she said, 'and for some reason I’ve got no need to eat that.'
Before it all began: Tempestt as a young girl in an undated family photo

The doctor gave Tempestt intensive Cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT, to give her replacement thoughts that will prevent her from compulsively reaching for soap. 

'I’m learning to think about positive things when I feel I need to eat soap,' she said.

She has also been encouraged to go for long walks, avoiding places where soap is present, like bathrooms and laundrettes. 
She added: 'Doctors have encouraged me to talk about my issues, because they think my addiction is caused by me bottling things up.'

And for the teenager who used to take not one, not two, but three bottles of soap into the shower, she hasn’t eaten soap since September 2010.

When her mother found out about her daughter’s addiction, she ordered Tempestt to return home from college. It may have been a smart move as Tempette admitted: 'I just couldn’t face being back there, alone, with a campus full of soap.'

Today, she faces a long road of recovery, but says she hopes she’ll never have to eat soap ever again.
'I suppose my Mum is secretly relieved that I was addicted to soap,' she admitted, 'and not dangerous drugs or something.' source: daily mail

I dress like a lady to deceive men
By Evelyn Usman

A look at this lady will never give her away for a man. From her breast and well shaped figure, to her steps , she looks every inch like a lady. But the bubble burst after she was discovered to be a man.

19-year-old Ogunleye Idris, is one of the numerous young men who pose as ladies out there , in order to get money from their men folk. 
Idris who just finished his secondary school education at Kings college Lagos, last year, was apprehended in a bar in Surulere area of Lagos, Sunday, where he had as usual, dressed like a man, waiting for a prey. 

By sheer stroke of luck, a man(names withheld) reportedly walked into the bar in the company of two other ladies. But he was said to have been attracted to Idris who gave him an inviting look. 

But Idris attitude was said to have raised the man's suspicion, when he attempted to fondle with his breast. Out of curiosity, the man reportedly managed to touch Idris' breast, where to his surprise, a sachet water fell off from the brazier. This caused an uproar, following which Idris was subsequently arrested. 

In this interview with crime Alert, the Ogun state born disclosed that he began the illicit business this month, with a view of raising money to further his education. 

Hear him, " I went into it in order to raise money for my education. After my secondary school education, my father told me he could not afford money for me to buy JAMB form. Again there was nobody to help me because I am a man. 

I realized that men do not help their fellow men but women. Then, I decided to start dressing like a lady to deceive men and get money from them but I do not sleep with them. Whenever it gets to that stage, I stylishly excuse myself" 

Asked how he usually collected money from men, he revealed that he would dial any number and if the owner happened t o be a man, he would invite him over, posing as a club girl. His preys according to him, sometimes fell into his trap while others disregarded him. 

Continuing, Idris said, "so far, I have realised N20,000, out of which I used to buy part time form in University of Lagos and a JAMB form" .

Asked if his parents are aware of what he was into, he shook his head, explaining that he never paraded himself like a lady around his vicinity in Isolo. 

On how he usually got himself dressed, he explained, " first , I would get a female dress and place two sachets of water on my breast, to make me look like a female and then, I will wear female shoes. 

I cat-walk like women because I always watch them walk and have been practicing the way they walk until I started this year. I had contemplated quitting at the end of next month,", he said. 

The Lagos State Police Deputy Public Relations Officer, Mr Adesanya Jinadu, who cautioned men to be and wary of the likes of Idris out there, said he would be charged to court for attempt to defraud and attempt to breach public peace

Community to banish man for impregnating 18 years old daughter

A commercial motorcyclist, in Lagos, who subjected her daughter to rounds of sex, is now in trouble, as he has been nabbed by the police.
Daily Sun also gathered that his community in Ohafia, Abia State, has concluded plans to banish him over the abominable act.
But the 50-year-old man has made a passionate appeal to the traditionalists to carry out what he called, ‘spiritual cleansing’ on him, instead of throwing him out of the community.
The suspect, John Awa, who spoke to Daily Sun said: “I am from Ohafia, I was told my community is making plans to banish me for sleeping with my daughter. I know it is an abomination but banishment is not the solution. Instead, they should appease the gods.”
Another reason he adduced for his appeal for mercy was, “because of my wife and children.”
He continued: “They should not ostracize me. I’m not the only one that committed such act. Appeasing the gods remains the best solution.” Ironically, the father and daughter were seen trading words, arguing over the number of times they committed the illegal act and, who seduced each other to commit the offence. While Awa claimed having canal knowledge of her six times, his daughter is insisting that he did it eight times.
He maintained that it was his daughter, who seduced him, by appearing nude before him. The daughter, on the other, alleged that her randy father hypnotized her. Narrating how the journey to the abominable act started, the 18-year-old girl (names withheld) said it began late last year, when she compelled her mother to re-unite her with her biological father.
According to the victim, her parents were separated for the past seventeen years, when she was just a year old.
She disclosed that she did not know him until they were re-united. “I was the happiest person on earth when I met him for the first time. Though, he re-married, he still permitted me to live with them,” she said. She narrated how her stepmother and her siblings traveled outside Lagos “and the devil used my father to bring shame on me.”
She continued: “ One day, I was sleeping when somebody started caressing me. I later found out that it was my father. I warned him and tried to break the silence but my father started begging me. He said it was the only way he could express his love for me. I was confused, but before then, he had had his way. I started weeping but my father still begged me not to expose him.”
But the victim who could not continued concealing her father’s shameful act later told her uncles. Her reason was that he allegedly continued the love advances. “It was my uncle who reported the matter to the police,” she further disclosed. The victim narrated how her father had in the past, procured abortions for her.
Meanwhile, a medical examination conducted on her revealed that she is a month old pregnant. The suspect has, however disowned the pregnancy, saying it was the handiwork of her daughter’s jobless boyfriend.
He said: “I can’t deny making love to her. I only did it six times. I disagree putting her in a family way, because the medical report indicated that she is a month old pregnant. I had stopped making love to her since.” The suspect, who later blamed his action on the devil, said he only realized himself after making love to his daughter.

Ghosts are our passengers... Reveal taxi drivers who operate in the night

Saturday, December 4, 2010 He was fast sleep on the bonnet of his cab, snoring easily but loudly. His bulky gait is concealed in the dark thick overall he wore to beat the chilling night.
Suddenly, he woke up and slapped himself across the face. He narrowly missed his assailant - the tiny winged-vampire mosquito producing an irritating noise to his ears. The time was 1:30 am and the midnight taxicab operating business had just begun.
While it is no news that taxi cab operators in Nigeria don’t go to sleep in some parts of the country what is probably news and shocking is that poverty, unchecked appetite for wealth, intent to commit heinous practices are the compelling factors that motivate them. Saturday Sun’s recent investigation in Lagos reveals shocking details of these motivations.
Prominent parts of the Lagos metropolis such as Oshodi, Victoria Island, Ikeja, Apapa, Mushin, Ojuelegba, Surulere serve as points where the night taxicab operators wait to convey their passengers.
Saturday Sun found out that most of these passengers are travellers from other parts of the country, party goers who visit clubs after midnight, prostitutes on business prowl at odd hours, and even men of shady and suspicious motives who hide under the cover darkness and unlit streets of the city.
The cab operators beat the chilling temperature of the night by putting on thick sweaters that warm them. They sleep on the bonnets of their vehicles while waiting for passengers many of whom are already usual customers at such odd hours. Perhaps as a way of beating incidents of robbery at night they usually camp in groups. At a particular point there may be 10 to 15 cab operators chatting freely, calling on passers-by for patronage, some playing cards on the bonnet while awaiting their patrons. Others discuss the austerity that pervades the land, blaming Nigerian government, or sleeping on the bonnet of their vehicle when it is far into the night. Stories emanating from cab operators present shocking details of heinous practices that usually rule the night and the business of the all-night cab operators of Lagos. Such practices include prostitution, robbery, and money rituals, petty thieving, fighting and other vices that shy away from the full glare of milling, maddening mad crowd of Lagos in broad daylight.
Between 12 and 2AM
During this time this reporter found out that at such places as Ikeja, Oshodi, Mushin and the Island, cab operators are already assembled. This is when their business commences. Many of them have stayed in hotels, bars and restaurants during the day winning and dining. The society often mistook them for idle, lazy people but interestingly they make fortunes operating cab from midnight till day break. While some of them are already conveying their patrons to designated places at this hour, others awaiting patrons chat away issues bordering on Nigeria politics, play music which are usually old school music like Haruna Ishola, Osadebey, Orlando Julius and others. Yet some others fill the gap of inactivity and idleness while some frolic with their mistresses who live so loose to visit at such hours.
2AM to 5AM
This is the time for real business. Many of the cab operators are on the move at this hour. Those not on the roads are fast asleep on the bonnets of their vehicles, such people wait for their patrons whom they have already taken to their usual destinations to come back for them. Music blared forth freely from the cabs as they ply the free roads with ease. These activities continue till day break.
Saturday Sun found that the midnight cab operators make fortunes from the business. Of course it should not be for nothing that they deny themselves sleep and risk the nights to drive their cabs. One can infer that one of the quick ways to earn big money is doing this kind of business. The least amount the operator charges for an average drop is N1500. The charges sky rocket to as much as N10, 000 depending on the destination. Taking a cab from Oshodi to Victoria Island at such hour goes for as much as N5000. And a cab operator can conveniently ply the route for about 10 times before day break giving him the chance of making close to N25,000 or N50,000 if only there will be constant passenger flow quite unlike the same Lagos in the day when it would take him about three hours to cover a distance of 10km as a result of the mad and hectic traffic.
From Oshodi to Sango Ota, Ogun State border town attracts a charge of N3,000 or N2,500 with serious bargain while Oshodi to Badagry goes for as much as N5,000. From the island to Sango or Alagbdao, Mushin, Ketu, Ibafo, or Badagry attracts about N5000 or N4000 depending on bargaining. However, these charges are subject to bargaining and may be affected by the availability or otherwise of passengers.
The operator’s world
To actually know it by feeling it, Saturday Sun had unofficial chats with some of the operators and got interesting revelations from them on what goes on at night, away from the watching eyes of about 15 million Lagosians that operate mainly in the day.
Mudashiru Aliu is from Osun State. He has been in the business for about three years. That was two years after he came to find better life in Lagos from his town. Before opting for midnight cab job he driven company cars for two years and according to him, nothing came out of it as he was paid peanuts and was often bullied and abused by tough bosses.
His breakthrough came when he met a friend who connected him to a man who sold him the vehicle he uses for night operation on agreement that he pays back instalmentally.
Aliu shared his three-year experience in the business: “Much as this work is relatively more profitable than the normal day transport business, it is very risky because of the insecurity in the country. But many of us have ways of getting protection for ourselves. That is why we always camp in large numbers. Many of us would have visited their hometowns to fortify themselves spiritually before starting the business and such practice is renewed periodically. Apart from the security challenge, working at night poses another challenge that is spiritual, it is not everyone we carry that is actually normal humans like you and I. We have heard cases when our colleagues pick ghosts. Some of whom disappeared mysteriously when they cannot achieve their purpose because the operator in question has fortified himself.”
Tunde Abbey is a Lagosian. He is even a graduate of Business Administration from one of Nigeria’s higher institutions in Lagos. After searching for job for almost three years and none was forthcoming he eventually heeded his friend’s advice and took to midnight cab operation.
He has his peculiar story. “Initially, I didn’t find it easy as there were times nature took the better of me and I would just sleep off on the bonnet till day break. My colleagues in the business would make vain efforts to keep me awake. But because I have discovered that it is the only survival tactics for now, I have become accustomed to it. I sleep in the day most times so as to stay awake during my night business hours. Majority of our passengers are women going to meet male partners at hotels and men taking their female partners to hotels. These are 5-star hotels and the so-called local ones. But many of our patrons are rich Nigerians and even foreigners.” Why does night cab operation prove more profitable than daylight transport business? Abbey said: “There is no agbero (touts) or police harassment. It is simply smooth business all through.”

 11-year-old girl buries aunt's baby alive
 By Samuel Awoyinfa

What could make an 11-year-old girl bury her aunt's baby alive? That's the puzzle which residents of a Lagos settlement, called Aboru, are trying to figure out. The story of Shekinat, the girl in the eye of the storm, raises curiosity, reports SAMUEL AWOYINFA

 seems to be a scene from a horror movie, 11-year-old girl, Shekinat, on Sunday November 14, buried her aunt's baby, 18-month old Usnah, in a shallow pit beside a soak-away pit in an uncompleted building in Aboru, Agbado/Oke Odo Local Council Development Area, Lagos.
Usnah, a baby girl, was in that pit for four days, hanging between an opening space between the excavated pit and the soak-away wall, with her head acting as a hook that suspended her body. The whole neighbourhood of Pipeline Road and its environs were said to have been thrown into confusion as the sad news of the missing girl spread like wild fire during the harmattan.
The parents of the baby, Mrs. Barakat Badmus and Mr. Nurudeen Badmus, were simply inconsolable as they searched the bush and isolated buildings around their residence on 19, Pipeline Road, Aboru, looking for their only child.
She was later found in a pit, covered with leaves and rags, four days after the baby had been missing. When Usnah was finally found in an uncompleted building beside her parents' abode, her parents were apprehensive. Was she still alive? If yes, in what state of health would she be by now? Questions; and more questions, begging for answers! Mercifully, dark-skinned Usnah was alive! However, she has suffered bruises in both ears, which portrayed the position she stayed for those four agonising days, at the mercy of the elements.
How did Shekinat perform this wicked act? Badmus said that on that particular Sunday, himself, his wife and baby went to bed around 9:00pm, while Shekinat was left in the sitting room, which also served as her sleeping space.
The first episode that showed that the girl was up to some mischief was said to have happened some minutes after they retired to bed. Badmus told SUNDAY PUNCH, "Shekinat came towards the door of our bedroom, and was trying to enter when I challenged her. She said that we did not close the door properly and that she only wanted to close it firmly.
"She came the second time and gave another flimsy excuse. It wasn't until around 11:00pm when my wife wanted to breastfeed the baby that we discovered the baby was no longer on the bed with us."
The Badmuses and their neighbours all trooped out that night looking for Usnah. They searched till midnight, yet there was no baby like Usnah in sight.
All this while, Shekinat was also said to have denied knowing anything about the whereabouts of the baby. According to Badmus, Shekinat was only punishing her aunt for rebuking her for her misdemeanor.
On the Saturday preceding the day of the incident, Badmus discovered that a sum of N800 was missing where he kept it in his trousers pocket. He had asked Shekinat about the missing money, but she denied ever knowing anything about it. But later, he said, Shekinat and one of her friends in the neighbourhood, named Basirat, came forward to say they had found the money under the bed.
Shekinat's aunt, Barakat, who was away when the incident involving money happened, was said to have reprimanded Shekinat by giving her some strokes of the cane. Badmus told our correspondent that perhaps that stealing Usnah was the only way she could get back at her aunt for rebuking her.
The search for the baby continued till Wednesday, when she was said to have been discovered in an uncompleted building next to their residence.
"We had reported the case at two police stations. We reported at Oke-Odo police station and one other one around here," Badmus informed.
Usnah was said to have been found around 1:00pm, already weak and tired. She was later taken to a hospital, Yaks Healing Centre, on 7B, Ola Mummy Street, Aboru, which is about 500 metres from her parents' residence.
When our correspondent visited the hospital on Wednesday evening, the doctor was treating her, with her parents and other relations surrounding her bed. She was put on a drip, following which she fell into a deep sleep. The doctor and the nurses pleaded that she be left alone to rest.
The landlords and residents could only exclaim: "It is only God that could do this (that is, sustain the child for four agonising days without food or water)." Her parents, who are staunch Muslims, could not agree less.
"I thank God that no dangerous reptiles bit her within those four days. Besides, heavy rains fell on Monday and Tuesday; so, her being alive is simply a miracle," her father stated.
Another visible unsavoury experience Usnah suffered is that her body and hair were covered with mud.
Badmus told our correspondent on Wednesday that it took profuse pleading from him and his wife before Shekinat, who they brought in to live them only a month ago, confessed that she took the baby and gave her to someone living on the same street with them.
"It took a lot of pleading and cajoling before Shekinat confessed that she gave the baby to a man living across the road," he said.
And that man was Mr. Murtala Osaye, who is the landlord of 10, Pipeline Road, in the same Aboru. But Shekinat changed her story 24 hours later, exonerating Osaye of the crime and mentioning an imaginary young man dressed in a blue T-shirt and jeans trousers.
But that wasn't before Osaye has been detained at Oke-Odo Police Station for almost 48 hours over the incident.
"I was arrested by the men of Oke-Odo police station on Monday and released on Tuesday," Osaye told SUNDAY PUNCH at his residence on Wednesday, expressing his frustration at not being able to slaughter his Sallah ram and celebrate with members of his household.
He further told our correspondent that the policemen searched his house and did not find anything incriminating there.
Shekinat added another dimension to her bag of lies when she allegedly said that "the young man to whom she handed the baby disappeared as soon as he collected Usnah from her."
The 61-year Osaye, who is a landlord in the area, said he didn't know Shekinat until she told lies against him and he was arrested.
Narrating how the baby was found, Badmus said that it was on a second thought that he and an Islamic cleric, who came to offer prayers for the family on the sad incident, went to the uncompleted building, where they heard agonising shrieks from the direction of the soak-away.
"We had to break some portion of the soak-away before I could lift my baby out of the hole," Badmus recounted with smiles demonstrating his relief.
Usnah's mother, Barakat, said that Shekinat was her elder sister's daughter and that she did not deserve the kind of torture the girl gave her. "I never knew I had committed a crime by correcting her. Again, I never treated her badly," she said with a tinge of regrets.
Shekinat is said to have history of bad stories trailing her. Badmus explained that she was said to have thrown into the bush the handsets and keys of another aunt of hers in Ibadan when that aunt reprimanded her for untoward behavior.
At press time, Shekinat was still being held at Oke-Odo police station. The Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Frank Mba, when contacted on Thursday on the matter said: "I'm aware of the incident at the Oke-Odo police station, but I cannot comment on it now. I am on my way to attend a meeting on the Island (Lagos Island)."

Father impregnates daughter

The 14-year -old girl in Lagos, Kehinde, who allegedly had a baby for her father, Yesiru Onojobi, is now in a dilemma over the custody of the baby.

The embattled girl told Daily Sun that she couldn’t stand the shame of making the list of girls who had illicit affairs with their biological fathers which resulted in having abominable children. According to her, because of the stigma and sad memories associated with such baby, she has decided to donate her to the government.

“My father has ruined my life. He has brought shame to me, I feel like dying. I don’t want to set my eyes on him anymore. I can’t look at him in the face. I want the government to come and take this baby now,” she fumed as she wept.

The girl is also concerned about the health condition of her new born baby as some traditionalists in her community ( masquerade) have warned her not to breastfeed the baby, as doing so could result in her death and that of her child. According to her, donating the baby to the government would guarantee her safety. “At least, they will feed her with nutritious food ,” she reasoned.

The Junior Secondary School I(JSS I) student narrated how her amorous father started sleeping with her since December 2009 which resulted in the pregnancy. Ironically, it was the father, who beat her black and blue over four years ago, when another man allegedly deflowered her. The father later converted her to his bedmate. “My father gave me the beating of my life. Less than four years after, the same father forced and had sex with me. He had sex with me each time I finished menstruating. I warned him that it would result to pregnancy, but he didn’t listen to me.”

He warned me not to tell anybody about the pregnancy, but one day, my cousins came, insisting to know the person responsible for the pregnancy. They tied my father’s hands and legs with rope and took me to the backyard and I told them the truth. My father later took me to Safeway Hospital and ran away,” she said. But the 50 years old randy father, who owned up to the crime said he only had sex with his daughter once, adding that he was tempted to do so when she formed the habit of removing her clothes in his presence.

“She did not raise the alarm because it was not her first time of doing it,” he said. He, however, said he did not know what came over him to warrant his having love affairs with his own daughter. Meanwhile, the police have described the action of the suspect as an abomination. The state police Deputy Public Relations Officer, Mr. Samuel Jinadu, who briefed the press on the issue, described it as a clear case of defilement. He advised members of the public not to take the laws into their hands, assuring that the suspect would be arraigned soon.

source: the Sun


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Odd jobs stacked against EU immigrants


TV2's false report about Nigerians in Hungary


Remembering a true prophet, Bob on photo to read


Subsidising fraud & lies & on photo to read


Libya: The return of colonialist bondage.

Editor's Mail

Love the article on Gaddafi
We must rise above tribalism & divide & rule of the colonialist who stole & looted our treasure & planted their puppets to lord it over us..they alone can decide on whosoever is performing & the one that is corrupt..but the most corrupt nations are the western countries that plunder the resources of other nations & make them poorer & aid the rulers to steal & keep such ill gotten wealth in their country..yemen,syria etc have killed more than gadhafi but its not A̷̷̴ good investment for the west(this is laughable)because oil is not in these countries..when obasanjo annihilated the odi people in rivers state, they looked away because its in their favour & day! Samosa Iyoha

Hello from
I was amazed to find a website for Africans in Hungary.
Looks like you have quite a community there. Here in SA we have some three million Zimbabweans living in exile and not much sign of going home ... but in Hungary??? Hope to meet you on one of my trips to Europe; was in Steirmark Austria near the Hungarian border earlier this month. Every good wish for 2011. Geoff in Jo'burg

I'm impressed by
ANH work but...
Interesting interview...
I think from what have been said, the Nigerian embassy here seem to be more concern about its nationals than we are for ourselves. Our complete disregard for the laws of Hungary isn't going to help Nigeria's image or going to promote what the Embassy is trying to showcase. So if the journalists could zoom-in more focus on Nigerians living, working and studying here in Hungary than scrutinizing the embassy and its every move, i think it would be of tremendous help to the embassy serving its nationals better and create more awareness about where we live . Taking the issues of illicit drugs and forged documents as typical examples.. there are so many cases of Nigerians been involved. But i am yet to read of it in So i think if only you and your journalists could write more about it and follow up on the stories i think it will make our nationals more aware of what to expect. I wouldn't say i am not impressed with your work but you need to be more of a two way street rather than a one way street . Keep up the good work... Sylvia

My comment to the interview with his excellency Mr. Adedotun Adenrele Adepoju CDA a.i--

He is an intelligent man. He spoke well on the issues! Thanks to Mr Hakeem Babalola for the interview it contains some expedient information.. B.Ayo Adams click to read editor's mail
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